Friday, March 26, 2010

yeah, yeah, bob dylan is a demon

roky erickson, and his insane life story, has permeated my daily routine. i think about him at least once, hearing your warbling voice trying to make a clear statement. his collection of publisher's clearing house mail sits on a dirty table in my head.

the woman who lives with rats and demons
is as unclean as they can come
her burden is her forgetfulness
but she says she just having some fun
she takes care of her insane child
who can only sleep when distortion reigns
his hair is matted and his teeth have rotted
that acid really got to his brain
good thing for the cardboard and all those pictures
she hoards and stores with no end
sometimes memories are best to live by
she's learned her lesson, they are her friends
i don't want you to be her paranoid boy
and i don't want to ever ever be like her
a woman who lives to remember then dies
because she's convinced she's the cure.

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