Saturday, May 22, 2010

Explosive TNT

Nothing seems flat,
in the realms of the unreal
where sound sits beside me
in an act of paternal comfort.
Nothing slides or slithers,
because it doesn't have to;
it just melts.
I gather my teeth and I settle my tongue;
this evening has been a treacherous joy.
Numbness is the deepest sense
I know, and taste is the realest feeling I know.
I am awake with the realization of unbridled


  1. Your poems never cease to enthrall me!
    UO x

  2. agreeing with olivia here,
    there are certain feelings which i struggle to find a single word to describe, yet you manage to illustrate them beautifully with just a few lines.
    you are truly gifted sweetie.
    xx xxx x