Friday, January 7, 2011

He followed me into my sleep,

my dream that I was taking a shower.

I took my clothes off slowly, but hid from him behind a towel-
my body wasn't for his eyes anymore.

I stepped into the mold and tile prison
full of steam.

I stuck my face under the head, breathing in and choking on water.

He came up behind me, naked too.

He put his arms around me.
His warmth felt nice.

But I cried till my sinuses drained out of my mouth and nose
in huge globs of phlegm and grey slime.

I didn't cry because I wanted him back.
I cried because I had him to begin with.

I never should have had him.

I pushed his wet body off of mine.

Get out! Get out you useless thing! Don't you understand?

I went and flirted with redheads and stood in awe of a ten food girl with perfect eyebrows,
once I had toweled myself off.

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