Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the eyes closed experiment

as i waded through the darkness
that descended like a curtain over my eyes
i reached my arms out so far and sloppily,
tip tip tipping my fingers on surfaces to determine
where i was.
it was easy then to pretend you were there with me,
fumbling stupidly, grabbing at the black air
that sifted itself quickly out of my hands
like the fine sand that borders a beach parking lot,
unpolluted by the crunch of seashells or plastic bottles.
there was nothing to touch.
i liked that desert, a forever place of nothing;
the blackened galaxy that lies behind folds of skin
and you, i like you.
"i would have so much fun with you if you were blind"
you wouldn't say that i'm sure
instead we'd glide through the same black chasm;
the blind leading the blind,
only letting the sound of sighs and the biting of lips
enlighten our space travels from the kitchen to
my bedroom.


  1. I really like you.

    What a lame comment to make.

    But, "I really like you."

    That' what I'm thinking.

  2. Also, I really liked the one line of dialogue that wouldn't be said.

  3. and i really like you. your words are fucking brilliant.