Thursday, October 28, 2010

October was the month that everything broke.

the toaster
the washer
the car
the hairdryer
the bathtub
everyone's bodies
my head
my heart
my will

Too many things to fix.
Not enough money to buy anything, really.

I spent my days staring at my popcorn ceiling
Picking at callouses
Drinking nothing but water
Eating nothing but time
Clenching my stomach
Trying to ignore the shit all over the floor,
the spiders,
the dust,
the headache
trying to dream my way, wish my way to toleration.

We bought a new toaster, a new hairdryer.
We fixed the car and the washer.
We managed to afford some groceries.
But the gray water still won't drain out of the goddamned tub. 

And there's three more days left of October


  1. But there is always Halloween? I say bowl out the water and pretend you're pirates going down in a sinking ship (some alcohol may need to be involved)

    I will come back & read the post below because I think it is VERY INTERESTING

  2. This is lovely.
    Morbidly lovely.