Sunday, January 10, 2010

reclusive tuesday tendencies

highly unlikely it would seem.
the vignette i drew in my mind's eye
yesterday was hazy and glorious
but today is tuesday
and want has proven itself lackluster
the powdered tranquility took away my will
to stay myself
and again i say today is tuesday
the worst day of the week,
the year,
my scientifically altered lifespan//
might as well wire my jaw
it makes no use of vowels and witty quips
and it rarely grinds sustenance
my eyes dart unnaturally
towards imaginary optical targets
while my mouth bone stays where it is
so wire it or rip it out
then at least i'll know beady stares exist beyond
my madness
and i could revel in my obvious deformity
rather than
clamp down on another tuesday.

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