Monday, January 4, 2010

tiled sanctuary/exaggeration

there is no fault to be found within the four walls of my shower
it is the only thing incomparable
no silent figures there waiting for enlightenment
it is blissful solitary confinement
i don't need a sturdy wooden pew or a leather bound hymnal
to make myself feel right
i beckon those gushing, steaming channels
to do their rightful purifying duty
never will they betray me and scald me with hostility
no matter how furiously i agitate their virgin molecules;
each one birthed to caress my dust scabbed body
and carry away my preoccupations
i relish in my cleansing waterfall to the point of idol worship
i am a child of the dust bowl witnessing rain for the first time
drenched in wonder and pure delight
eyes wide open and fluttering
mouth gaping, eyelashes heavy with gathering droplets
and overflow spilling out of the dugout place
my lips usually purse close
i am a savant, single mindedly mesmerized
compulsively slicking back my warm, deep sea mane
and then lathering with silent laughter
i am a whole person again
reborn and christened by my hot water pipes-

circa one year ago

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