Friday, January 8, 2010

a simple thing

thieves! thieves! i shout
they've come again and stolen my brain
i told myself to lock the door, and i did
but the makeshift design i contrived of scarf and sweater
must've been a comical padlock

i built my house of cling wrap and packing tape
with rice paper as insulation and popsicle stick beams
surely no one could infiltrate such a sturdy palace
and of course the spotlights i angled on my front lawn
were not meant to attract any tourism
no, no of course i want to hide away, it's a simple thing you see
i have to keep these wispy haired thieves out

oh no, oh dear i've done it again i wail
i've simply misplaced my mind, it wasn't stolen after all
the brain that was stolen from my oak vanity
was on lease to me from the poet who lives three blocks over
how could i forget such a simple thing
thank goodness for the glass vase storing the leftover formaldahyde
from the other brain i borrowed from a month ago
it served as my carcinagenic memo

so where is my lump of lobes then?
did i even have one to begin with?
it's odd that i can't recall such a simple thing
i tilt my head to and fro to see if i can hear a rattling
and of course of course there is not a sound
because my skull is as empty as a russian egg
and it would remain that way if i didn't stuff another someones'
in though my eyes and ears

and now i can see why i borrow and steal
without any filler and the proper level of pressure in my head
there is nothing
not even the most simple thing can't be thought
vacuous empty vacuous chaos empty
i'll have to call my doctor and let him in on my
and assure him i know the cure, it really is the simplest thing

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