Friday, January 29, 2010

all used up

think, think. think of some other girl some other place listening to the the same tic tic tic of another ugly clock with painfully fake flowers loaded into its glass bowels. think of the top of your head, divided right down the middle to your white, white scalp. now zoom up and out of the house till the roof is another black lego piece on a checkerboard landscape. okay good. now just scan the ground for a promising abode. zoom back in until you've reached another crown of hair. oh no, i think you missed the point. you focused back in on your own house with you still sitting pecking away slumped in your bleached stained prison uniform turtleneck. no one will want to read about you. try again. there you go, up and out and up some more. good., go somewhere else. even to your wild boar hunting neighbor's house. you did it again. you landed back in the same room with the same tic tic tic. you see that couch all defeated and slouchy looking to your right? that would never make for good setting. neither would that bizarre bouquet of flowers that looks like an amateur florist slapped together. it would bore anyone. so try again. please, for the sake of the written word, get your mind out of your house and into another. okay, you know what?
why don't you just try tomorrow and get some sleep now. i will wait.

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