Thursday, February 25, 2010

right click happy

my room is very warm and it's making my hands feel heavy and my brain all giddy. there is no cohesion here, just my favorites from the past weeks. the rules behind fashion seasons elude me and i think i combined spring and fall with winter here and all the cities are meshed into one. so beginning:

chanel: pouty glitterati baboons in metallics
proenza schouler: sea green, purple, black and cobweb looking prints WORK especially on disheveled school girls
preen: that lavender dress kills on a tilda swinton clone. the industrial looking melted holes look gooey, which is good
lela rose: predictable cuts can be overrided by that shade of blue
marc jacobs: drop waisted, ladylike sheers and sparkles make me swoon


  1. Chanel was amazing! I loved the boys.

  2. marc's collection was pretty and classic, similar to prada. looks like the big shots are trying to tell us to quit wearing crazy prints and revert back to the tried and trues

  3. classic is always good. prints can be fun though.

  4. one of my fav collection is marc by marc jacobs.
    it's so pretty, cute and just everything i like in styling/clothes